Dance More! Birthday Party

Children and all guest ages 3 -12.

What to expect at a RGA party

RGA Provides:

Digital Invitation

Paper goods 


Table Cloths

2 12’ Tables 

Seating for 15 children


1 per guest of:

Juices Boxes


You Provide:



You MAY want to bring:

Paper goods if special theme is desired

Ice Cream Cups


Additional Juice Boxes

Additional Party Favors

Camera, Video 

Please DO NOT bring:

Cake (too messy)

Ice Cream that must be scooped



Because we handle every thing for your party, all you have to do is show up and have fun.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your party. Please no “early-birds”.  

Party Time

50 minutes: Your guests will be greeted and waivers will be collected, they will be asked to leave their shoes along the wall, and to take off any additional clothing.  They will be lined up and brought into the dance studio.  Dance More! parties are for children Ages 3-12.   The children will enjoy an 50 minutes of high energy dance activities and games!

15-20 minutes:  Guest will be encouraged to wash hands and to move to the party area.  Once seated a Dance More! staff member will present cupcakes and lead in the “happy birthday” song.  They will then serve the cupcakes, ice cream cups, and juice boxes.  After the cupcakes, if you wish to have the birthday child open gifts, the teacher will assist in organizing and recording a gift registry.

15-20 minutes: The guest will return to the studio for more fun activities, while a member of our staff cleans up the party room and pack gifts by the door.

End of Party

A member of the staff will dismiss guest with instructions to put shoes on and line up at the door when ready to leave.  As they leave they will be handed their party favor and balloon.